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Meet Yourself

Is it time for a change?

Time to meet yourself and unmask your unconscious contracts with life and others (repetition of life partners, relational patterns, grief, insomnia, anxiety, emotional dependency, addictions, etc.).

It is an opportunity to learn to love and respect yourself. To make choices that are good for you and not to continue to meet the demands of society or family that are detrimental to you. To look within and a unique encounter with your real self. 


The idea is that it involves work on new contracts (transferential energy) and to get rid of old contracts and patterns you are stuck in (the residual energy).

For example, the trauma leaves a trace that is both psychic (fixation…), affective (depression...) and physical (water retention, somatization) in the body.

You will work consciously on your unconscious profound desires and needs. 

It is a journey to reconnect with oneself and one’s body.

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