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Mind Body Transformation

How to work on your mind and body transformation:


The work on mind body transformation is done through one-on-one sessions, workshops, and retreats. You can choose the approach that suits you best. The core concept of the transformation is to connect you with your deepest needs to be able to find the harmony between your mind and body. 


The sessions include work on specific themes: 


  • How are my childhood coping mechanisms affecting my personal/ relational contracts or relationships?


  • How is the bond created between me and others and the relationship established?


  • What is my basic need?


  • What is my biggest obstruction?


  • What are the places that my emotions, words, expressions, cognitive activities occupy?


  • How can I notice if I am choosing a familiar pattern in my relations, work environment and communication in my professional life?


  • Have you ever wondered why you are stuck in a toxic environment?


I will guide you so that you work on the patterns that are preventing you from moving forward.


For example: Instead of asking yourself “What do I need?” Ask yourself “Why do I need this specific thing?” and “Why do I keep choosing the same patterns?”

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