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My Approach

If you don't want to relive old habits and want a change in your relationships or professional life, this space is for you. It is time to meet yourself consciously to create new and healthier habits on a mind-body basis and awakening your deepest, organic needs which are uniquely yours, I provide that space for you to grow, to create a life of purpose and a clearer realization of who you are. Through self-observation and reflection, I guide you in understanding and healing from the childhood/ dysfunctional patterns that are holding you back and affecting your nervous system, your bodily pains, eating habits, significant other choices, and career choices.


Using my training in psycho-organic analysis approach, I will help you to heal from your traumas by reparenting your inner child who was hurt. 


The psycho-organic approach which was created by Paul Boyesen in the 1970s combines the psycho-corporal(body) and psychoanalytical approach where our thoughts, emotions and sensations are listened to and processed. The work is done with the whole body, with the heart and the brain to release the synaptic connections prevented in childhood. The goal is to activate the energy and the “YES” for life so that it circulates as harmoniously as possible and you can appropriate it and embody it freely.


Thoughts create sensations, they have a body, and the body has a language of its own. When we have unresolved emotions or traumas (intergenerational, childhood, etc.) we block our vital energy flow which results in creating somatization, stiffness, motor hyperactivity, fixation, fear, depression, aggressiveness, unhealthy eating habits, confusion, and in other words, physical and mental health issues.

Finding the meaning of our blocked energy and embracing our unresolved emotions will help us regulate our systems and meet ourselves to be flourished and live a life of a purpose.

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