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My Story

My name is Maria. I am a mind-body therapist, social psychologist, and sociologist. Several years ago, I decided that I wanted to help people and specifically women achieve their goals and to become emotionally and financially independent.


Throughout my professional career, I have worked in various personal developmental fields such as workshop facilitator in a rehabilitation center for vulnerable women, and in psycho-educational settings for special needs. I also worked as a university teacher and ran one-on-one mind- body therapy sessions and workshops. I have had training in personal and group therapy and extensive training with international organizations for gender equality, personal safety, and security. I have more than 300 hours of sessions with clients in personal sessions, and over 200 hours of mentoring, workshops, and supervision.


In 2021, I worked as a life-skills assistant in an international organization during a humanitarian crisis. I gave psychological first aid sessions to vulnerable women and girls. I was trained for gender discussion groups so that beneficiaries can safely address their priorities, use dispute resolution skills, and participate in decision-making for the well-being of their households. I have also guided women to overcome abusive relationships.

That period was a turning point in my life: I decided to take the first step to making a change in my personal and professional life: I started up my own company in Älmhult, Sweden. I chose to guide people to live a life with purpose.

When you choose to work with me, you will work on your personal drive towards change by connecting with your core values and deepest needs. The work will be on your personal affirmations and relational contracts. I will guide you in identifying your unrealized and intact desires. You will be able to understand why you have pain in certain parts of your body and will learn how to liberate yourself from that pain.

I have completed a master’s in social psychology, a teaching diploma in sociology and I am a certified psycho-organic analyst at EFAPO, Psychotherapeutic School of Psycho-Organic Analysis in Paris. The training included personal therapy, group therapy and supervision for 4 years. I was working as a life skills assistant at International Rescue Committee. I have implemented Gender-Based Violence Core Concepts sessions for beneficiaries and Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse sessions (code of conduct within organizations and community members, informed consent, gender based–violence, sexual harassment) to help mitigate the risk that employees and community members face in their fieldwork and maintain a regular follow up to assess the risks, report and address it. In other words, I lead safety assessments and community mapping exercises to ensure risks faced by women and adolescent girls are adequately captured. I can guide you in several languages.

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