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One-on-one sessions include:

  • Creating a sense of safety, your space and role in life.

  • Consciousness 

  • Breathing techniques

  • Finding your ground

  • Reconnection with your mind and body

  • Relaxation and savouring your affirmations.

You will have a better understanding of your conditioned mind, emotional self, and programmed habits. You will notice how your inherited beliefs are affecting your daily life, and you will learn to deprogram yourself from the vicious circle that is limiting your progress, and the emotional addictions that are prohibiting you from living a satisfactory life.

It will be a self-discovery opportunity to review your triggers, your coping mechanisms to stress and meeting the inner child in you. You will be able to make new contracts with yourself and the others and regulate your nervous system. Accept yourself and reparent your inner child by working on your safety. You will be able to express yourself freely and set emotional and physical boundaries.

You will explore and meet your authentic self and reach a status of mind -heart connection that will be uniquely yours. It will help you create healthier emotional communications in your relational, societal and professional life.

Workshops and retreats:

You will work on your:

  • Needs

  • The Accumulated (past experiences or unexperienced emotions, unmet needs, grief).

  • Identity

  • Force, capacity, and concept.

  • Expressions, sentiments, and their release.

Finally, “I am a thinking body” for mind-body therapy. Explore yourself and your inner strength.

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