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Meet Maria

A beautiful thing is never perfect. 

Healthy relationships start when we heal from old patterns that are holding us back, and the most fundamental relationship is the one we have with ourselves. If you want to live a life of a purpose and you don’t know where to start, start with your deepest need that something needs to shift or change in your life, and I will guide you in your mind- body transformation journey. Are you trapped in a vicious circle of emotional and physical pain?  Are you wondering why you may have been repeating dysfunctional habits and relationships since childhood? Are you living on survival mode? Do you feel that stress and anxiety are harming your body? Do you feel your couple life is unhealthy?


To be the love you seek is the only way to heal. It starts by creating a safe space for yourself; being conscious of your past patterns; regulating your nervous system; and healing from those cycles/traumas through guided sessions and workshops. We all have an inner potential and energy that will help us meet our authentic selves and create a life uniquely ours where our core values and actions are aligned. I believe in mind-body transformation and if you are ready for that, contact me for more guided information.


Are you ready for a mind body transformation?


Workshops and retreats

Do you want to explore your potential primary impulse and the “YES” for life? 
Meet me and experience the joy of saying I exist. I am conscious of my identity, and I choose to do this, and I obtain what I need.
 I was able to express my feelings when I started communicating with my body after the sessions. I decided to follow my dream to become a dancer after being in a career I didn't like for years.  I hated my body for a long time that I wasn't conscious of its strength to heal me from my past which I was stuck with in my physical body and the beliefs we are conditioned because of society that I need to have a career to be successful. 

I finally felt safe in my body after the sessions.


I liked the transparency and privacy during the sessions.

I learned to listen to my needs and learned that happiness is a process that starts with connecting with my true self. Maria guided me to heal from my childhood trauma and my harmful coping mechanisms to escape reality by processing my anger and loving myself again without judgment.


" I could sense the positivity and the supportive guidance Maria had throughout my healing journey. I learned to listen to my triggers and how they were related to my body cues and how my body was constantly trying to warn me from harm.

- Claire

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